Eco slim negatief.

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People Profit Figure 2. The scan is especially adjusted for the station in building components and its relevant surrounding area, this has impact on the choices for components and the station layout. The five themes and the scoring system are identical to GPR gebouw, so the scan is recognizable for various stakeholders. Hereby a platform is created to assess sustainability and start to discuss it amongst each other and with others.

The scan is a tool that measures the current sustainability of a station or a proposed design also renovation.

eco slim negatief

It provides strong and weak points in relation to the different themes. This results in the possibility to improve the quality of a station with building related measures.

Eco Slim - A Complete Review

The Sustainable Station Scan is an assessment tool that helps to make choices in designing, constructing and maintaining stations and realizing sustainability ambitions.

The scan is appropriate for new buildings, renovation and maintenance planning for stations. The most important functions of the tool are: 1. Measuring sustainability of an existing station or a new design.

The first step is a baseline measurement for existing stations, whereby insight is eco slim negatief in sustainability of the current stock and the strong and weak elements. Improvement of the current station or design. The insight in the weak points gives direction for improvements.

Those are the items where priority should be. The weak points could be further specified by descending from module level till eco slim negatief level. The scan also generates automatically a list with improvement points. Reviewing the sustainability hogyan lehet eltávolítani a zsírt az alsó hasizomtól relation with the predefined ambitions.

The ambitions are set upon module or sub-module level, and translated to performance requirements 19 19 between 1 and During the review it is about the target requirements, where the target is set, but not the way to achieve it.

The scan provides the possibility to assess two variants. This can be used for renovation of new buildings. For renovation eco slim negatief current circumstances can be compared with the circumstances after the improvement.

Because the weak points become clear in both situations it can provide solutions or measurements for optimizing the renovation design. Using the Sustainable Station Scan The Scan can be used with Microsoft Excel, version and uses eight sheets or a web based version that can be found on duurzaamstation.

This makes it possible for the user to interact with the five eco slim negatief, but also to access the general input sheet, the results sheet with proposed improvement points and the page that shows the scores.

By using navigation buttons that are situated on top of every module all other modules can be reached. Figure 2. There is an overall score which ranges from 0 till 5 stars from very bad till very sustainable. Every theme or module obtains an individual score from 1 till 10 very bad — outstanding. The overall score is visible in the results sheet, together with the scores of the five themes see figure 2.

The score for each theme is also displayed on top of every module and in the label. The scores are conformed to the in applying legislation and regulations set by ProRail and NS Poort. In case when a station exactly follows the standards en is build according to the current energy requirements in the building decree, the station eco slim negatief approximately a fogyni matcha on all themes.

eco slim negatief

Results In this module the results of the scan are displayed in relation with the ambitions. This module helps to compare different variants.

Label This module shows the score of one of the variants and which improvement measures can be taken to improve the performance of the station.

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Environment Selected characteristics regarding the theme environment such as, water and waste management, maintenance and materialization. Health Selected characteristics regarding the theme health such as, the presence of sources for air and noise pollution, provisions for limiting air draft overheating and glare. Quality of use Selected characteristics regarding the theme quality of use such as, accessibility, access and safety of the station.

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Future value Selected characteristics regarding the theme future value as, how well the station is able to adapt future changes, flexibility and the experience monumental status, recognition etc. Explanation scoring eco slim negatief In every module a grade ranging from 1. The module performance is calculated by a weight summation based upon several separate sub-module performances.

In the figure below 2. A station can score for a module maximal points. The points are divided between sub-modules so here 0,and When something is not applicable the points are distributed among the other questions.

Based upon the answers every sub-module obtains a score and so a grade ranging from 1. With the help of an allocation key, the score for each eco slim negatief theme is determined.

eco slim negatief

The scores of the themes result at the same time to an overall score the labelwhich is represented in stars. Here all the themes are weighted the same. The basic score for a sub -module is related to 6. This 6 represents the conventional score for a station, or the required level Figure 2.

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In the academic literature this tool is also reviewed by several researchers. More important no academic literature was available upon this moment for the Scan. It is used to set sustainability ambitions, to asses and optimize designs Vreenegoor et al. The tool can be applied for new and existing dwellings, offices and schools. This includes an LCA-methodology implanted in the modules for materials, energy and water.


The tool is not only used for houses it is now also suitable for new eco slim negatief and schools, and will become available in English. Vreenegoor et al. Disadvantages - The total score is determined by summing up measures. Therefore likely positive and negative effects, as a result of a combination of measures and contradictions with other interests, do not influence the total score.

eco slim negatief

The latest Sustainable Stations With the pilot project, Accrington Eco Station one of the first sustainable eco slim negatief now completed fig 2. Renewable energy schemes can be helpful in achieving low carbon stations, however carbon neutral stations are not, practically achievable. Sustainability should not be at the expense of passenger comfort. This means more low carbon travel by train. Good practice towards sustainable stations has been identified e. For the future, it will be interesting to see how life cycle costs are integrated into investment decisions.

eco slim negatief

In Germany also designs are being developed that can be defined as Sustainable Stations. Measures that will be used for the first German Green Station are; photovoltaic panels, 22 22 use of active and passive solar energy, a green roof, efficient heating and cooling, smart shading and sun protection, CO2-neutral materials, use of rainwater, optimal use of daylights and LED technologies for illumination and geothermal energy see fig 2.

eco slim negatief

In such case the years requested for the break-even point, reasonable and this time may even decrease eco slim negatief a high number of purchases.

Wind power is not generally appropriate for stations, since they are typically located in busy urban environments where adjacent buildings have an effect on wind resources.

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