Fogyás hiv medhelp

fogyás hiv medhelp

Overview[ edit ] MedHelp partners with doctors from hospitals and medical research institutions to deliver online discussion boards on healthcare topics.

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The company's slogan is "Finding Cures Together. Both had family members that had struggled with fogyás hiv medhelp illnesses. They discussed the difficulties they encountered in obtaining medical information in lay terminology.

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Cindy mentioned that one of her dreams was to create a service where patients would be able to contact leading physicians and fogyás hiv medhelp, who could answer specific questions, in lay terminology, regarding their diagnoses. Based on that vision, they incorporated the company on February 14, and launched the MedHelp bulletin board system BBS on April 1, with a computer, two modems, and two phone lines.

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At that point, only a handful of institutions such as the University of Iowa and Columbia University School of Medicine delivered health information on the Internet. By AugustMedHelp had about 38, visitors a month. MedHelp continued to grow and by JanuaryMedHelp was getting over 6 million unique visitors monthly.

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The forums are moderated by MedHelp. The "Ask a Doctor" forum has been shut down since June ; MedHelp has not indicated whether or not they plan to reactivate it.

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In the "Health Communities" forums, users post questions, comments and get responses and support from other users. Revenue model[ edit ] MedHelp states that its business model is advertisement-based, and advertisers can buy ads directly from MedHelp or through partners such as Google.

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